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Rants from 2000:

It's all in my notes, every last word you need. I'm way over this...way, way over this. I'd type more but my mind is racing and I can't keep it still. Call it a day and put it to bed.

I've become obsessed with dreams lately. Or maybe they've become obsessed with me. No matter when or where I fall asleep, I'm harassed by visions from my fevered frontal lobe.

Still having those weird dreams like I wrote about in my last entry. (And thanks to everyone who e-mailed me about what they mean) I'm usually a sound sleeper but these night visions have been waking me up lately. Maybe it has something to do with my birthday coming up or something. I dunno, maybe it's just from eating too many taco's before I go to bed.

I had this strange dream last night. In my dream I find myself in some huge underground amusement park. There's all kinds of rides and food stands stretching out before me in this huge cave system but somehow I know there's something wrong with it.

I'm just sitting here being real diligent, trying to act all mature and stuff. I'm answering e-mails like a good webmaster should. It's amazing how many people like to send me stuff in the mail.

Just got back from another road trip to the buckle of the bible belt (that's Alabama in case you were wondering) and it's nice to be back at home with nothing to worry about except where my next double espresso is coming from.

Hi guys, Lan here, Derek decided Monday to go up to Alabama to investigate a story. He's not back yet but has assured me that he will show up sometime before the end of the week.

Hey, Party at ground zero! You guys all doing ok? I'm fine but things do seem a little slow around here. Must just be a normal paranormal winter slow down (say that 3 times fast). I suspect that things will pick up after the first of the January.

I thought I would cheer you northerners up by offering some footage of me out enjoying the sweet Florida sunshine. For the past coupla days the weather here has been just perfect. It makes you forget that in the summer you have to peel your shirt off from the humidity.

I sit here in the underground Freakylinks bunker, while the rest of Florida explodes into conflict above me. Above my head I can hear the rattle of small arms fire pinging off voting machines, I can smell the odor of burning ballots wafting down into my shelter.

I tell ya it's been a banner week for conspiracies over here at Freakylinks. Strange thoughts and ideas keep whirling in here faster than you can crash a UFO in Roswell. Let's see if I can sort 'em all out for ya.

Got an interesting conundrum that I'm hoping you can help me figure out. A coupla days ago I received this e-mail and yes, it was from a hotmail account.

Contrary to what a lot of e-mailers think, I had nothing to do with the current election mumbo jumbo going on in this great state. So all you guys should quit e-mailing me and saying that I'm somehow connected.

Other people get chain letters for phony pyramid schemes, I get pictures of secret super weapons. This little image came my way with a rather peculiar note attached. I'll leave it up to you to decide it's worth.

I'm back from a visit to Spano Texas, a little dusty, a little bruised up, but mostly OK. No one ever said digging into the paranormal was an easy gig and this one was a little more trouble than it's worth.

When last we heard from the little weasel Stu Carmichael he was busy getting things off the top shelf for our favorite little Oompa Lompa, Gunter Mahlberg. These days it looks like he's branching out into plagiarism by shamelessly ripping off my website.

I ain't got no scruples when it comes to chasing down the truth. I got the snake drive. I am 50 feet tall. When I walk the woods tremble, the dark gods quiver in fear.

Georgia Paranormal Sing Along... what more do you need to know???

I ain't got no scruples when it comes to chasing down the truth. I got the snake drive. I am 50 feet tall. When I walk the woods tremble, the dark gods quiver in fear.

A really good source threw me a video of something strange going on in the New York sewers. I don't wanna give too much away in case it all turns out to be nothing but let's just say that the urban legend you've heard about may have a kernel of truth to it.

It's the middle of the night and I'm too worked up to sleep and I'm too tired to sort it all out so I thought I would sit and talk to you guys.

I ain't got no scruples when it comes to chasing down the truth. I got the snake drive. I am 50 feet tall. When I walk the woods tremble, the dark gods quiver in fear.

Talking about Adam always makes me miss him and it's hard to be the stupid and goofy guy when I keep thinking about him. He'd laugh his butt off if he saw me like this. I was never the one to shed a tear or reminisce about old times.

Me and Jason are currently holed up in a Motel 6 in Pigeon Forge Tennessee. Dolly Parton's theme park is just down the road but it wasn't those twin peaks that brought up us here. Instead we're just back from another run in with that vertically challenged, paranormally obsessed all around fun guy, Gunter Mahlberg.

Well I faced up to my fears and gave up my secrets of Seattle. I still don't like talking about it. (Trust me, it wasn't my finest hour.) But I do feel better about letting it out. I never was one good at keeping a secret.

Got a big new story outta of the deepest, depths of Africa with all kinds of exciting footage for you to give the once over.

Well I'm busier than a sea serpent at a boat show what with all this moving things from Orlando to my ultra deluxe, super-swank, home on the beach.

This week's story is one that Jason and I researched while out there in the city of angels...and just goes to show what madness is to be expected when I meet people who post on the discussion boards.

Busy days here at Freak Central.... I thought I'd do a few house cleaning duties here before the next update comes out on Friday. I'm just sitting here enjoying take out from my favorite high quality restaurant.

I'm thankful for the favor you've done me. You made me realize I was hiding from my true nature. If I want to run a website that explores the paranormal then I should be man enough to let the world know who I am. From now on you won't see me hiding behind HTML code.

How could I have missed hearing about Gunter Mahlberg? Oh sure I had his link on my enemy page for quite some time but I just assumed (what's that old saying about assuming?) that he was a nobody. Just a freak with a website and a want list of the strange.

Yeah, that's right, I've hit the big time, I'm in a tabloid! Now this article, coupled with that new and mysterious thunderbird photo I received makes me wonder if 2000 is gonna be the year of the Thunderbird.

Newsflash, Someone sent me this pic from a hotmail account (but of course) What do you think?

Breaking news off the paranormal presses, boys and girls. Pretty exciting stuff ifin you ask me. They're bringing "In Search Of" back to TV. (And if you're too young to remember this show then you should go ask your dad about it)

I'm all for road trips but when you ain't seen home in nearly a month you get mighty lonesome for all the petty little things that make up your life.

The high point of the last couple of days has been the stop over this morning at Graceland in Memphis. Nothing like seeing how the King of rock and roll lived to really put you in the mood for a peanut butter and banana sandwich.

When will this road trip end? I convinced Jason to take Interstate 40 back to the east cause I thought it might be more scenic but at this point I'd give my little toe to be back in central Florida.

I'm relaxing in lovely central New Mexico and really digging it. New Mexico is really pretty with lots of strange looking landscape.

Let my mistakes be a lesson to you, boys and girls. Vodka, cranberry juice and 7 card stud do not mix. And for those of you wondering about that super cool Galaxie 500, it's sitting in a Freemont Street parking garage just waiting for someone crazier than me to take it away.

Greetings from scenic Las Vegas! Oh Sin city has me in its grasp . . .. Jason introduced me to a den of iniquity called the "poker room" and I find myself drawn deeper and deeper into its depths.

Sorry about that little freak out up there in the great Northwest. I'd love (well ok maybe love is a stretch) to tell you what happened but I'm sorta trying to put it out of my mind. Sometimes I go to far for a story and that was one of those times.

Hi, Lan here, First things first. I spoke with Derek and he's ok. He's in California and didn't throw his phone away as he threatened to do. He is relaxing and said to apologise for his rant.

I left town about 6 hours after I got there and I'm never coming back. I'm in North California again and I still don't think that's far enough away but I'm too tired and scared to drive these mountains at night anymore.

Greetings from Bigfoot Country! Yeah well, I ain't seen none of them hairy bipeds yet but I'm keeping a lookout. I'm writing this from Lake Oswego Oregon (a suburb of Portland as near as I can tell).

Never, ever buy a car using the "first thing I find in the shortest amount of time" theory. I'm of course basing this logic on the fact that the "Galaxie 500" I bought yesterday is quite possibly the worst piece of junk that moves on the west coast.

What could be weirder than you living the high life in some hip hotel room on the Sunset Strip paid for by Japanese businessmen who you just met and aren't sure what are saying to you half the time.

Jason will be accompanying me up to the Jet Propulsion Laboratories to see if I could uncover any info on 1930's rocket scientist turned Satanist, Jack Parson.

We've been living in the lap of luxury ever since we hooked up with this group of Japanese businessmen a couple of nights ago. After crashing at their super swank hotel last night I was sure we had seen the last of them.

Below me at poolside sit assorted models, actors and hanger-ons, chuckle at each others jokes while they sip mineral water thru collagen enhanced lips. I'm sitting above them on a beanbag chair typing away on the laptop and trying to fit in (trust me when I say that it's not working).

I've seen more weirdness in the past 16 hours here than I've ever seen tramping out in the back woods or stumbling around in a haunted house.

Tonight we're just outside LA, staying at some industrial sprawl town named Ontario (and no it's not the one up there in the Great White North) We made it through the last of the desert without any problems but it was close. Danger lurked around every corner . . .

Tonight Jason and I are cold chillin' somewhere close to Tucson in a cheap motel. I'm not trying to be hip when I say "cold chillin'" I mean it literally. Jason has some kinda weird freezing fetish and insists on keeping the air conditioning in our hotel rooms as low as they will go.

A few times a year a racetrack in this ultra small town called Bithlo Florida holds a school bus figure eight demolition derby. Oh yeah, that's right boys and girls, I got a school bus of my very own and it's gonna be racing around the oval of doom in Bithlo Florida on July 28th.

Howdy from Texas, Oh yeah I'm in San Antonio, home of the Alamo . . .General Sam Houston . . .and guys in really big hats and bad facial hair. The last coupla days have been a blur getting here. Let's see if I remember the who's and where's.

Thanks to everybody who sent in their vision of me. I've been overcome with joy at seeing exactly how I look through the eyes of you innocents (except for that girl who sent me a pic of the word 'boring' and said it was me).

Big news boys and girls of Freakville, I'm going on another road trip! Oh yeah! That last one yielded up so many cool stories that I've decided to hit the trail with Jason and we're going back out into that great unknown (you may know it as 'outside').

Yes that's right kids, it's time to round up your crayola's and hunker over the drawing board . .it's the DRAW YOUR OWN DEREK CONTEST! (insert cool Mark Post TV riff here).

I got e-mailed this program from a nameless fellow who saw the commercial, surfed in, and couldn't find what he was looking for. In his words, 'Yo Derek, Couldn't find anything on Fearsum so I went out and found it for myself. You gotta give the people what they want and they want Fearsum. Here it is.'

You know as Supreme Being and all around web dude for Freakylinks I get a lot of questions thrown at me. Things like, 'Derek, where do you get your stories?' and 'Derek, what do you look like?' and 'Derek, why won't you stop calling my sister and leave my family alone?'

I'm convinced that there's some hidden force in Alabama that causes people to go one step further into the unknown than most people are ready to go.

Road Trip Update #2 written somewhere deep in Alabama. Mad genius abounds in this state. I've spent the day interviewing men who have tapped into the unknown, men who have dug deep into the human psyche, men who have gone one step beyond!

Greetings from Columbus Georgia! That's right, day one is over and done with and I'm still alive! (No thanks to Jason's driving skills) Currently I'm holed up in a hotel just outside Fort Benning...

Ya better hunker down in your bunker cause the Freakylinks mobile investigations unit is hitting the road (and with my friend Jason driving that's a recommendation you can take serious).

Got an interesting letter from a non-fan last week that said something to the effect of, 'Too many words, your website is about as interesting as a library.' Now just sit there in your Lazyboy and think about that for a second. Too many words? Is that what this world is comin' too?

... sorry for the long time no write business for the past month or so. I've been taking a break for a while, getting my act together, doing a little soul searching, trying to figure out where I sit in the whole big picture biz. (you know, do I run the web site or does the web site run me)

Waz up? There may be a few new readers out there in web land thanks to those fine, friendly folks over at Fortean Times. They did a nice write up on the web site and that infamous thunderbird photograph of mine.

Yea, we went camping together and let me tell you that's the last time I'll ever share a pup tent with that mad bastard. He may be my friend and all but that sucker snores like he's a bush hog mowing down overgrown thistle on the side of the interstate.

You know I often wonder what cryptozoologists do on their off days. Some how I don't think that playing with the family dog would be that exciting for them. Maybe one of 'em has a gene splicing lab down in the basement to mix and match his favorite animal parts with others.

Is there anybody out there? The reason I ask is that along with just about everything else, the newsletter list got hacked and deleted.

And in case you were wondering what I was doing last weekend when Freakylinks was being chopped to tiny little bits by hackers, I was hanging out with the First United Church of Consumption in Miami.

Exciting paranormal news out of New York City (the town so nice they named it after a town in England . . .or something like that) If you ask me, (and I'm sure you would ask me if you were here but you're not so I'll ask myself) witches and Wall Street seem like a perfect match.

Oh, now get this, that guy I secretly recorded with the Jersey Devil baby found out about my little quicktime film and is up in arms. Seems what I did was bad, very bad, and I'm going to pay for my nefarious activities.

Slow week here at the high castle of weirdness. Lan is tweaking the site with some more bells and whistles and I'm sitting here wondering just what was it that flew over the midwest in the late 1800's.

Maybe I shouldn't be so gosh darn honest in these rants. Maybe I should try to hide my feelings and thoughts inside and be more considerate of others and their feelings...

Listen up! I'm sitting here simply slack jawed by the new trick pulled out of Lan's HTML hat. We've been going back and forth about getting some new marketing ploys out there into the world wide weird in an effort to snare more of that phat internet audience and lo and behold, Lan has come through again.

Oompa, lompa, dippity, doo, I've got another story for you. Through a friend of a friend of a friend (sound like an urban legend now don't it?) I found a guy who says he has a Jersey Devil baby in a jar.

Discovered cold fusion and uploaded a freaky fish into the Flora and Fauna section.

Yes you can all crawl out of your Y2K bunkers and rejoin the rest of us surface dwellers. Contrary to popular opinion not much happened on January 1st. Interesting news on the world wide weird is the Devil Dog footage that came out of England last week.


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