December 20th, 2000

I had this strange dream last night.

In my dream I find myself in some huge underground amusement park. There's all kinds of rides and food stands stretching out before me in this huge cave system but somehow I know there's something wrong with it. Like the park is just slightly off, slightly evil. The other people in the park look like they are having fun but I just want to find a way to get out of there and leave as fast as I can. My friends are with me and they are hoping I can find the exit so we can split.

So I hunt around in between the Ferris wheel and tilt-a-whirl until I spot an employee door and then lead my group through it. Beyond the door is this endless stairwell and I start walking up it, trying to get my friends to hurry cause I'm sure the employees of the amusement park are going to come after us. Jason is cracking jokes and Chloe is complaining that we're not suppose to be in here and finally I can hear the running footsteps of the park employees behind us and I start trying to run up the stairs.

Finally we make it to the top of the stairs and there's a huge door in front of me that I'm sure leads out to the sunshine. I can hear the employees running up the stairs after us so I slam open the door, ready to run out but instead I just stop and stare at what I see on the other side.

Cause there's Adam staring back at me with a stupid grin on his face. We just stare at each other and I can't move and then the employee's reach us and they grab me from the back and start dragging me and my friends back down the stairs. The last thing I see is one of the employees' laugh at Adam and then punch him in the face. But instead of hurting him the guy's fist just crashes thru one of those fun house mirrors that distorts your reflection. Adam was never there at all. Then I wake up.

What are you suppose to do when you're not sure if your dreams are nightmares or not?

Hurdy Gur
Derek Barnes

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