August 24th, 2000

Hey Freaks,

Have I told ya how glad I am to be sleeping in my own bed again?

Well consider yourself told. I'm all for road trips but when you ain't seen home in nearly a month you get mighty lonesome for all the petty little things that make up your life. I missed my pillow. I missed my computer. I missed my favorite bar b q place and most of all I missed Lan, my faithful web mistress (and no I'm not just saying that cause she reads these things . . . well ok, maybe a little, but the sentiment is heartfelt I swear).

I knew I was getting close to home when I started seeing things like this in the rear view mirror

Of course beauty products are one of my top priorities so as soon as I got home I headed on over to my favorite retailer . . . .

And of course Sherlock Bones, my constant traveling companion was happy to be home so he could visit with his friends . . .

Oh yeah, there ain't nothing like being back in the south to really make a boy realize that he don't need to travel across country to find Freak City. Well now that I've unpacked, washed the clothes, got the hair cut, washed more clothes, aired out the house, washed some more clothes and in general, laid around doing nothing I'm back and ready for action. I'm ready to hunker down over this hot computer and just type out story after story to amaze and befuddle you. I swear to God I ain't gonna do nothing but stay home, and answer e-mails and file stuff alphabetically and in general do everything that a web master should do . . . . .(of course this enthusiasm is gonna last about all of 2 days if my previous track record is any indication) .


One cool thing is that I finally got to see the Freakylinks school bus race footage. Remember when I told you about that a coupla weeks ago? I sponsored a vehicle in a local Figure 8 school bus demolition derby race and I've got the footage for all the world to see. I wasn't there personally to witness the high drama but I was told that Freakylinks put in a valiant effort and came in 2nd . . .or maybe 3rd . . .I don't remember what the guy that was there said exactly but I do know that the Freakylinks bus was a lean, mean, racing machine. I've got the footage to prove it. Click on the QuickTime movie and see for yourself.

Click here to see the movie (5Mb)
Download QuickTime

(movie not working for you?
you probably need to download
the QuickTime software)

Next year, I'm gonna se if they'll let me drive the damn thing . . .


Windjammer is a loyal fan of this site and he's come up with a pretty good experiment in pop psychology on his home page. If you haven't seen it yet you need to click on over to his page and read the story he has up this month. After you're finished you can vote on if it's fact or fiction. If you got time check out last month's story as well. It's def. worth a look-see.


Oh yeah, I just put up a new story I got while on the road. I heard about it on a local news show when I was in New Mexico. Check out the glowing cats of Los Alamos and lemme know what you think.

OK, I think that's everything I wanted to talk about. If I forgot something I'll e-mail every one of you personally and tell you later (yeah, right) Oh, and speaking of e-mails if you e-mailed me in the weeks while I was gone don't take it personally if I didn't e-mail ya back. There was no way I could cover that much of God's green earth and answer every piece of mail I got.

Catch ya later,

Hurdy Gur,
Derek "home again, home again, jiggied-jig" Barnes

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