January 5th, 2000

Welcome back to reality,

Yes you can all crawl out of your Y2K bunkers and rejoin the rest of us surface dwellers. Contrary to popular opinion not much happened on January 1st. Or at least nothing dramatic enough cause you to need to stockpile things. Yes, much like the Cuban Missile Crisis, it was all just much ado about nothing (insert Shakespearean theme music here)

Back here in Freaktown I just returned from the pawn shop with Jason. Since the world didn't end he decided to trade in his semi automatic gun o' fun for cold hard cash. Funny thing was we had to go to 3 different pawn shops till he found one that would take it and even then he got a lot less than he paid for it new 2 months or so ago. Guess that model isn't popular for your basic home defense kinda guy.

Interesting news on the world wide weird is the Devil Dog footage that came out of England last week. In case you missed seeing it on your favorite basic cable news channel I gots the goods you been looking for all hard wired in and ready to go. What's the deal with dogs and Great Britain? This makes the 3rd spooky canine themed freakylink to come out of the British Isles since I started this here ole' cybernetic freakshow up. Is it something in the water over there?

I found the item in the picture at a local dollar store. In case you can't read the type it says "21st Century of Big Spider" This explains a lot. I wondered what kind of danger and trouble lurked around the corner for us in the new year and now I know. This century doesn't belong to us at all, but instead to oversized arachnids intent on making the future all . . .er, webby.

Anyways as they say in the old west (well maybe once somebody said it in a barroom brawl or something like that) I'm going to go and let you peruse the site to your hearts content. Drop me a line if you got a bone to pick.

hurdy gur

Derek "preparing for Y3K" Barnes

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