March 13th, 2000

Oh my,

And in case you were wondering what I was doing last weekend when Freakylinks was being chopped to tiny little bits by hackers, I was hanging out with the First United Church of Consumption in Miami. You can read all about the madness in the latest entry.

Oh and a big thank you (in my sincerest mode of sarcasm) to Ginny in Bakersfield California who sent me the ceramic egg man. This is what I get for complaining about the cute egg webpage in my "Know Thine Enemy" section. Thanks Ginny, I'll put it in my hope chest and treasure it forever. If anybody else wants to send me crap, you can do so at:

PO Box 532112
Orlando Fl

Extreme silliness might net ya a Freakylinks T-shirt in return but rude letters with lots of four letter words just make me cry so I don't send nothing back for those. (I'm very sensitive, dontcha know)

Trust me when I say you should never try to keep up with those guys at the all you can eat buffet. Jason was in fine form however. I invited him on the trip to go see the members and he actually said yes. Usually he's not that keen to go on a car trip since he drives for a living but I think the idea of a church devoted to eating (among other things) really caught his attention. So we headed out in Jason's new and improved truck of death (Jason just spent about two grand on the stereo) and hit the road.

Being back in Miami has its ups and downs. Driving on the interstate there terrifies me. Seems like everyone driving is either on a cel phone while they go 90 miles an hour in their BMW or just barely managing to keep their vehicle tied together with strips of bailing wire while doing 40 in the fast lane. Oh and all of them are muttering to themselves in Spanish. Jason just simply ignores any other car until they are almost touching his truck and then turns up the stereo louder as he swerves around them. While on paper this may seem to be a good idea the actually implementation of it leaves a lot to be desired unless you actually like the feeling of having your stomach lurch into your throat over and over again (I do not, in case you are wondering)

Anyway we did get there in one piece and I managed a more or less coherent question and answer session with the church members. Jason took the time when I was interviewing to go to a "bad ass stereo store" (I quote him exactly) somewhere near South Beach. I guess my ears weren't bleeding from the high decibel music quite enough for his tastes.

So now I'm back safe and sound behind the computer and none the worse for the trip (except for the ringing in my ears that will not go away) On the way back Jason kept showing off the new equalizer he got installed while we were there. My teeth chattered so much from the bass that I thought my fillings were going to pop out. I'm not sure who first said that if the music is too loud then you're too old but I dare that man to take a ride with Jason. Let his eardrums get assaulted by "the power of the bass" and then lets see him come up with some pithy sayings. (you like that use of pithy?)

hurdy gur,
Derek "eardrum buzz" Barnes

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