July 31st, 2000


So in case you're wondering, I'm still in Los Angeles. Jason's company assures us that the new truck is going to ready soon and we'll be able to leave sometime tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest.

Not that I'm complaining that much. We've been living in the lap of luxury ever since we hooked up with this group of Japanese businessmen a couple of nights ago. After crashing at their super swank hotel last night I was sure we had seen the last of them. (We're not obnoxious or anything but we did order room service on their tab and the bill for a couple eggs with bacon came out to about 30 bucks)

But that didn't seem to faze them one bit. I must have given one of them the number of the roach motel we're at cause there was a message from them when we got back to our place that they wanted to hang out with us again. Not being one to say no. (Especially when they have a way of picking up the tab) we traveled down to Korea town where we hooked up with those wacky guys and had Korean bar-b-q. Then we wound up at a Japanese bar where we had about 10 gallons of sake and sang karaoke until about 2 in the morning (I'm proud to say that my version of Sympathy for the Devil went over in a big way) Afterwards they insisted on us staying at their hotel and this time they actually got us a room so once again Derek Barnes has stumbled into something (only this time it's something quite nice with big fluffy pillows and a view)

So other than me acting like I actually belong in a place that charges 5 bucks for a coke, everything else is normal (well as normal as it gets around me) I just uploaded the new story for the Freakopedia to Lan so drop on over there and check it out.

In the developing news department I'm scheduled to meet with a guy who claims that there's some weirdness going on at this coffee house in town called Nova Express. He swears there's some twins working there that are up to no good and being a twin myself I'm a little interested in what he has to say. I'll let you know if it pans out.

OK, gotta split, Jason's down at the pool bothering the models and I need to go help him . . . I mean I need to make sure he's not going to get us kicked out. (Just nod your head in agreement)

Hurdy gur

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