August 2nd, 2000

Example #1
The guy above has been posting on the discussion board about this weird twin thing and invited me over to a coffee house to see "the aliens in action" (as he put it). Jason and I did drop on by for a little mineral water and psychotic conversation. There may be something going on at this place but this guy is a lot nuttier than anything that is actually occurring there. (Of course that's just my opinion, and I'm probably not the best judge of sane behavior) I'll have a full report with lots of in-depth hidden cam footage at a later date.

Example #2
Speaking of hidden cameras, I conned Jason into accompanying me up to the Jet Propulsion Laboratories to see if I could uncover any info on 1930's rocket scientist turned Satanist Jack Parson's (in case you ain't heard of him I urge you to read the book "Sex and Rockets" It's the grooviest thing I've laid eyes on in many a month).

So after being rebuffed at every turn (you like me using those big words, dontcha?) and being told by security to get off the grounds we ran into this guy

Now he claimed to be a scientist and that he had the deep truth on ole' Jack so of course, like a fool, I climbed into his big gas guzzling Lincoln and went for a little ride. I'll tell you more later but let's just say that I got way more info than I bargained for... way more.

Example #3
We're still living the high life thanks to our Japanese friends. Half the time I have no idea what they are saying but I just nod my head and say yes a lot and that seems to keep the sake flowing. Hell, for all I know I may be agreeing to fly back to Tokyo and work as an indentured servant. Even so, staying at a $200 a night hotel beats having to keep the lights on to scare away the roaches at the place we were staying at. I'm not saying they don't have roaches up here in West Hollywood, I'm just saying that they're a higher class of roaches. Ones that understand the need to stay hidden.

OK, that brings us up to speed on the freak front. Jason's company got the truck thing figured out and we're heading back tomorrow for the hot humid lands of Central Florida. We're taking interstate 40 back so be on the look out for a truck doing 100 thru the petrified forest and for God's sake, get out of the way cause Jason hates braking for anything smaller than a VW bug.

More as it develops, my little sherlocks

Hurdy gur

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