January 24th, 2000

Hi Kids,

Welcome to Derek's playhouse. (insert surreal children's TV show theme song here)

Remember that office building in Clearwater that had the image of the Virgin Mary appearing on the side of it? Well I went one better and found a church in Ohio that has crosses miraculously appearing. The preacher is spooked and I came away feeling that something was def. up. Go check it out my little sherlocks and tell me what you think.

Mr. Crowley is right happy to have his new paranormal playtoy that bjudy sent in. Thanks for the chew toy in the shape of a skunk ape. (what every doggie should have) Before Crowley liked to chew on the threatening e-mails I received and printed out but now his life is more complete I think. Course I didn't get a playtoy... just cause I ain't as lovable looking as my pet is no reason to forget me. It's the season for giving (well no, but it was like a month or so ago) and I wanted to be given to, dammit.

A big thank you to Monty Z. who e-mailed me the pic of his graffiti art on some poor building in Newport News. I do not recommend this type of thing but if you're going to do then I'll gladly accept the free advertising. Except next time, Monty, use a brighter red and try and keep it all level. Nothing worse than graffiti you can't read.

Do I ever come off sounding like a egotistical money grubbing low life? Hum... that could be a problem. Maybe I should work on my people skills. Either that, or I should be more cunning about the way I say things. Maybe I shouldn't be so gosh darn honest in these rants. Maybe I should try to hide my feelings and thoughts inside and be more considerate of others and their feelings...

Naw, it just ain't me.

In other exciting news, I'm very close to reaching a deal where an outside company will handle all the sales of the statues, voodoo dolls and T-shirts. Ever since we got too big for our britches, I've been slowly neglecting the sales aspect of this here web site of fun and I think it's time I rectified it. So keep looking at this space for an important announcement coming soon. And don't worry about some outside company coming in and spoiling our little bundle of joy. Just because they'll be handling that nasty business and credit card stuff does not mean that Freakylinks has gone corporate (For your information, I sold out long ago)

hurdy gur
Derek "hiding my light under a bushel" Barnes

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