January 20th, 2000

Derek reporting with an All Points Bulliten

Listen up! I'm sitting here simply slack jawed by the new trick pulled out of Lan's HTML hat. We've been going back and forth about getting some new marketing ploys out there into the world wide weird in an effort to snare more of that phat internet audience and lo and behold, Lan has come through again.

Yes sir ree bob, paint me red and call me a dutch uncle, WE GOT POSTCARDS!!!

And not those boring, seen 'em before postcards you see on every other site. Nope. not us.

I mean think about it, a website needs to be a real place, a community where you can go to and escape from the everyday rank and file, right? In short, a vacation spot. Now when you go to your vacation spot (like some isolated cabin if you're the Unabomber, or Fantasy island if you've got a thing for midgets in white suits) you want to tell all your friends what a cool place you've found right? You want them to know that you are currently living it up, you've got what they want. In short, you want them to know how much cooler you are than them, right? (nod your head at this point)

So what you do at times like that is to send a postcard, right? "Having a wonderful time, wish you were here so you can buy me beer . . ." that sorta thing. Well Lan has got the closest thing to a reality postcard you can get in this electronic boogie we call the web. We got postcards that look like real postcards, we got postcards that are stamped like real postcards, we got postcards that are so similar to the real thing that your friends and neighbors will be trying to grab them off the video screen (does not apply to Timex Sinclair users)

And the best thing is the pictures. Just like in that big old nasty world out there beyond your computer, our postcards are so damn cool they'll have your friends tripping over their tongues in an effort to congratulate you on how hip and with it you are. I mean, lets face it, you ain't gonna find a postcard with a three legged stripper just anywhere. In fact you ain't gonna find it anywhere but here, your home town website, Freakylinks.

Send A Postcard So now without further ado (whatever in the hell ado is) I give you the all new instamatic, piping hot, Send a Postcard feature (insert overblown trumpet fanfare here)

Go nuts! Send these to everyone in your address book, make them learn the hard way why you are the King of the information age. I double dog dare ya.

hurdy gur
Derek "mass marketing is my life" Barnes

P.S. Lan wants me to tell you guys that this icon will be on every Freakopedia page so you can click once, click often!

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