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Rants from 2001:

Lan here, sometime last night while I slept, someone came into the house and put this tape here for me to find. I don't know what to do.... Can't anyone out there help me?

Lan here again, Things are falling apart. Jason came over last night and said that he knew where Derek had gone but he refused to tell me. Instead he said he was going after him alone.

I'm getting more and more concerned about Derek. I haven't had contact with him since he up and ran off last Friday. Usually when he is on the road he contacts me every so often just to check up but I haven't heard a single thing so far. Something feels wrong.

I found this in my in-box when I came to work this morning. Derek is no where to be found. Derek also erased his hard drive before he left so I have no idea what Nexus said to him in the e-mail.

The Japanese businessmen said they were working for someone else... someone called Nexus. Nexus, as in the Nexus from my brother's old website. The Nexus that was soooooo friggin helpful in getting my brother interested in suicide.

Lan your friendly web mistress here, I'm basically just acting as a place marker today. Because of recent events at the house Derek hasn't done an update for this week. Instead Jason and he are off on a little fact-finding adventure.

Somebody has broken into the house and put a tiny little camera up in the vent. A camera that was pointed right down into my living room where it can view every little detail of my life. At first I was shocked and angry but after I crawled up into the attic and tore the sucker out I started to get a little furious. What right does anyone have to spy on me?

In last week's newsletter I asked everyone their opinion on the question; 'If Bigfoot and the Chupacabra got into a fight, who would win?' I was surprised, amazed and utterly baffled at the huge amount of e-mail I got. It seems that you guys have got definite ideas about who would come out on top in this battle royal.

I'm hot on the trail of a new case and I'm hoping to get my hands on some exclusive photos of a guy who's walking around with a metal spike stuck through his skull.

Oh yeah I'm a little whirlwind of cleanliness and I'm straightening up left and right (not personally, I'm talking about putting objects back where they belong.) I even got enough gumption in me to attend to a little carpentry.

Got a cool present in the mail from a Freaky reader named Sam from up there in New Orleans. Sam said he's a big fan of the website and urges me to come back up to the Big Easy so he can show me around.

... certain events over the past few days have made me look into the deeper aspects of life transference and the power to make the inanimate, animate.

Looking back at my notes last week it seems that maybe my subconscious mind was trying to tell me something I didn't want to know. The visions I had in my sleep all relate in some way to the strange goings on I encountered in Casadaga.

The Dreams are tapering off.... I don't know if it had something to do with finding that book at Adam's. Maybe it was the fact that I had all this built up anxiety over my birthday on the first.


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