October 18th, 2000

Hey Freaks,

I tell ya, I got roaming feet. I just can't sit still in one place too long. I just get back from one trip and I feel like it's time to get out the door and go off on another adventure. (And the hell with having an electric bill to get in the way)

So that's why I'm leaving for New York City tomorrow morning. Yea, you heard me, the big apple, the town so nice they named it twice. I've been up there before to investigate mysterious things but this time I'm taking the rest of the Scooby Doo gang with me.

Side note for those of you keeping pop culture reference score at home:

Jason = Shaggy

Lan = Velma

Chloe = Daphne

...and I'm Scooby of course.

Where's Fred? I dunno, I don't think I trust anyone that wears an ascot anyway. (And if you're gonna ask about Scrappy then you're probably not the kind of person that needs to be reading this anyway.)

OK where was I? So Jason, Lan, and I are all going up to New York to meet up with who's being all adult up there at some psychology convention Chloe didn't seem too big on the whole "come up and join me in the big city" routine but I'm sure she'll lighten up once we get up there and join in the fun. Oh yeah, we'll be one big, happy, Partridge family.

Second Pop Culture Reference Side Note:

Jason = Danny Partridge

Lan = Laurie Partridge

Chloe = Shirley Partridge

...and I've always fancied myself the Reuben Kinkaid of the paranormal.

ANYWAY...I've got a great reason to be heading up north. A really good source threw me a video of something strange going on in the New York sewers. I don't wanna give too much away in case it all turns out to be nothing but let's just say that the urban legend you've heard about may have a kernel of truth to it.

It's an invisible dog! Get it? Woah, this is comedy, I tell ya, high comedy.

OK, that's it for now. I need to pack (Well ok, I need to throw random things into a suitcase) You guys should be sure and tune in (catch my drift?) to Freakylinks to see what turns up. With any luck me and my rat pack will turn up something more in the pipes, (Gee, that symbolism went sorta nowhere, huh?)

Third and Last Pop Culture Reference Note:

Jason = Dean Martin

Lan = Peter Lawford

Chloe = Frank Sinatra

...and I'm Joey Bishop, baby, all the way.

Hurdy Gur,
Derek "What do you mean they closed Cats?" Barnes

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