June 9th, 2000

Greetings denizens of Freak City!

Sounds sorta like a Superhero don't I? Me and my brother always use to play Superhero when we were kids. Course I always wanted to be the Supervillian bent on world domination. Being the bad guy is always more fun than being the uptight, upright, crusader for moral virtues. Whipping out the ole' death ray and giving it to the unsuspecting public always put a little thrill in my 10 year old heart.

Course now I'm older and wiser (and way less likely to wear a towel for a cape) but I still get my thrills using my superweapon, course these days the superweapon is a web site that threatens to upset the delicate balance of the entire known world . . .quick, run in horror and hide your head in the sand, behold the terror that is. . . . . FREAKYLINKS!

Sorry about, I got a little carried away . . .and sorry for the long time no write business for the past month or so. I've been taking a break for a while, getting my act together, doing a little soul searching, trying to figure out where I sit in the whole big picture biz. (you know, do I run the web site or does the web site run me) Deep thoughts, friends and neighbors, deep thoughts. I did some deep, Derek style meditation (which for me involves a six pack of beer and some cream filled pastry treats) and come to the conclusion that me and the web site got a symbiotic relationship going on and both of us suffer when we're apart (not to mention my bank account when nobody buys any of the crap I'm selling.) I'm cool with it all, I'll get back on the ball, and start posting again like a good webmaster should. Maybe I should write a book, "Zen and the art of Website Maintenance."

Course now that I've shaken off the funk, everything is good to go. Got a new deck last week and spent some quality time with the boys skating a few new urban ramp areas they've found out about. Managed to bust my self up rather well on more than one occasion. Guess once you go past that magical 25 year old mark the reflexes slow down by a millisecond or so (unless you're a Superhero like Tony Hawk)

But that's OK, I'm a Superhero in my own way, without a deck or wheels. What's my superpower? You're looking at it right now, dudes and duddettes. I'm the Amazing SuperWebboy with the power to mess with your mind and actually make ya think for a minute or two. . . . .Now let me sign off or I'll use my deathray on you.

hurdy gur
Derek "Rider of the stormpipe" Barnes

PS And a big freaky thank you to the "Truthholder Overlord" up there in the badlands of Macon Georgia who sent me a picture of himself, "chillin' out in the death room" I'm not sure what he is holding in his hand, and I don't think I wanna know but hey it makes a nice picture to end things on, dontcha think? If you got something you want to scare the living hell out of me (or if you just wanna send some of your Mom's home made cookies my way) you can send it to me at "Freakylinks PO Box 532112, Orlando Florida 32853-2112."

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