June 22nd, 2000

Word to your Mother!

Or maybe it should be "word to your stockbroker" in this day and age. Not that I'm a big mover and shaker on Wall Street, although somebody did e-mail me and ask when the IPO for Freakylinks was scheduled. (And lemme tell ya that made me chuckle) Nope, financial security isn't something you think about when you investigate the paranormal. I'm living hand to mouth baby, hand to mouth. . . .Which reminds me that I need to go get some more tins of tuna and Raman noodles. Sure, I can hear you saying, "But Derek, why should we care about the cheap food with no nutritional value that you eat?" Good question, pat yourself on the back for that one.

Well it's like this . . . . There's a thing called the Freakylinks food chain of financial freedom. On top of the chain is the viewing public, and then in the middle is those electronic stores I link to in my store section, and then under that wayyyyyyyyyyy at the bottom is me. This is called the "trickle down" theory and it's your responsibility to make sure that some money trickles down to me every once and a while by buying some of that stuff I sell. But hey, before ya shake your head and click over to an online auction website to peruse automatic fart machines lemme tell ya that I worked a deal with one of those companies to give ya 30 percent off. So go check out the hip and happening books and vid's I got all lined up for your viewing pleasure and think of me when you place your order. Geepers, ain't I swell?

OK, ok, enough of that used car salesman crap . .Let's get into the serious stuff. . .Freaky stuff . . . Hoodoo stuff. What's Hoodoo? Well it's just the coolest thing you never heard about! Click over to the new story in the Freakopedia and learn all about the strange life and violent death of the Hoodoo Doctor of Savannah. Tell 'em Derek sent ya.


Ya better hunker down in your bunker cause the Freakylinks mobile investigations unit is hitting the road (and with my friend Jason driving that's a recommendation you can take serious) Oh yea, me and Jason (or Jason and I to those English teachers out in the audience) are hightailing it to parts north this Friday thru Monday on one of my patented paranormal vacations! We're planning on hitting the stranger parts of Alabama and maybe Georgia in a 4-day search for things you always heard about but never saw stories of. (Just don't tell Jason's boss that he's borrowing a company truck and their gas card.) I've already got a great interview lined up with some other nifty paranormal investigators plus stops all over to capture the weirdest things the deep south has to offer. You know a freaky spot I might be interested in and wanna help? Well then just head on over to the discussion board and write a post with the info. I'll check it out, and if it looks promising enough I'll put it on the list of things to do. Plus you should sign up for the newsletter and keep checking the discussion board cause I'll be posting daily updates from the badlands of 'Bama.

And speaking of the discussion board, here's a big howdy to all those Wiccans posting their little hearts out on there. Word up to the Earth Goddess and all that.

Let's see . .what else . . . .Here's some more strange stuff being e-mailed to me. Would somebody explain what this picture is all about?

Well that's about it . .I gotta get out of here and get ready for my trip o' fun. And if you see 2 guys flying up Interstate 65 screaming "That giant possum has gotta be around here somewhere" you'll know it's me and Jason . . (or Jason and I if we're feeling semi-literate at the time)

Hurdy gur,
Derek "I can't drive 55" Barnes

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