June 14th, 2000


Well paint my butt red and call me a baboon but here's a new diary entry just 5 days after the last one! Now that's what I call turning over a new leaf, a new dedication to this here web site of fun. (now show your appreciation and go buy a T-shirt so I can pay the electric bill this month)

Got an interesting letter from a non-fan last week that said something to the effect of, "Too many words, your website is about as interesting as a library." Now just sit there in your Lazyboy and think about that for a second. Too many words? Is that what this world is comin' too? Has this generation been so hammered by visuals that written text no longer holds any interest? Now don't get me wrong, I love stimulating my visual cortex just as much as the next guy but can't words do that just as well as any lame car chase, butts, or breasts you see on the tube or big screen? See, I got one word for ya, it's IMAGINATION. Go look it up on a search engine (cause I doubt you got a dictionary) See what ya did, you went and made me upset. Now I'm gonna go take my thesaurus and go home, I'm not gonna play scrabble with you anymore.

What else is new? Lan your friendly webmistress here at Freakylinks (read that as head geek) went and got a haircut. . . . .and that's all I'm saying . . . ..Oh yeah, one heck of a haircut. It's . . . .different and I best leave it at that or she'll hack into my bank and delete my checking account.

I'm betting a coupla of ya of hoping I'll address this hot rumor that I went and sold my soul to the devil down at the Fox network in exchange for a TV series. Well friends and neighbors, I'm here to tell ya that it ain't so. Like I told that 14 year old kid who keeps posting this non info on the discussion board, "I'm not sure what reality you're in but in my reality (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) there ain't no such thing as a TV series based on me." Besides who'd be interested in me and my doings? Boring visuals, and as we all know, it's all about the visuals these days.

Speaking of trippy visuals (hey how's that for a segue-way?) Go check out the newest entry in Mutants and Misfits. Find out the nefarious acts those evil hippies were doing back in the day. Read the story and then go ask your parents what they were up to during the summer of love.

Hurdy gur,
Derek "insert boring words here" Barnes

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