Step right up, explore the ever expanding universe of stuff you need, stuff you can't live without, stuff that will make your oh so miserable life just one teensy bit better. Every one of these products has the Freakylinks stamp of approval and is guaranteed to be the hippest, hottest thing since some guy put on a Bigfoot costume and trounced around in the pacific northwest. Yes-sir-re-bob, cool stuff, that's what I'm talking about. Plus each time you buy something I make a small (make that minuscule) profit. So don't be shy!

Quite simply the best fun time garage rock band outta Florida. They're also the only band ever to invite me on stage to sing "Flowers on the Wall" in a drunken stupor. I like 'em. I like 'em a lot! Buy "Hunt You Down" by the Hate Bombs

An ouija board is the perfect gift since it will leave your loved one with the question; "Why is she giving me an ouija board" floating around in their head for days.

Oh yea! Here's the place for all the coolest in cool, ultra exclusive, rope a dope items that money can buy. Show the world you're in on something they're not. Wearing a Freakylinks T-shirt is designed to impress your friends, scare your parents and make your dog need distemper shots. Hey whadda ya' waiting for?

Now there's some things in life you may need and not even know it. An empty hole in your material world may be aching to be filled and without proper supervision you could go all your life, never knowing that you weren't complete. Well here's a little guidance from Freakylinks. Everything listed in here is designed to be just what you never knew you needed.

Over the years, Hollywood has churned out a slew of films that deal with Freaky subjects. Unfortunately a lot of it has been bad, real bad. For every "Legend of Boggy Creek" there's an "Auruoa Encounter." Here are some of the ones that have almost, sorta got it right.

And for a variety of freaky stuff, visit the Bazaar of the Bizarre It's kind of like a stall at a flea market, a little bit of everything but nearly all of the stuff at my booth is odd, peculiar or just plain interesting.

So you wanna know what I like? What I listen to? What I dance the jitterbug to at 4 am when I think no one is watching? Well here's your chance. Lan's set up links and musical pop ups to some of the stuff currently jammed into my cd player. Check it out but don't blame me if your Mom comes in and tells you to turn it down.

Once upon a time, before the internet, people actually had to buy these things called books if they wanted information on a certain subject. Well there's still a lot of information out there that hasn't made it to cyberspace so I've made a list of the one's that don't suck that bad. Plus with books you never have to wait for a page to load.

There are two things to do in Florida, surf and kill vamp...wait, there's lots to do in Florida. Surfing, however, tops my list. If you don't surf, then don't bother poking around here. If you do, I've picked out a screamin' board and a few other things that I use to get the most out of the Cocoa surf.

Ah, the freedom of a board beneath your feet as you cruise the local mall (watch out for those nasty security guards) If you wanna be like me (and I know you do) check out these cool links for all the cutting edge street gear you'll need.


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