Delve into the underbelly of current events. This journal of the odd descends into the unseen world around you. From monsters, to madmen; magical spellcasters to redneck messiahs. A weekly updated listing of things that slipped under the pop culture radar. Remember boys and girls, what you don't know can not only hurt you, it can also be living in your neighbor's basement.

Corpus Delicti
Countless scores of humanity have passed through this earthly plain before us, is it not normal to wonder if they left something of themselves behind? That's a question that I started asking myself not long after I went with my friend Jason to the law offices of his father.

... from Necropolis Now

It's a Small, Vampiric World, After All
One of the most interesting examples of lesser-known vampire myths comes out of the Philippines. For many years the natives of these islands have spoken in quiet voices of a vampiric creature called the 'Tatagong.'

... from Mondo Occult

Cabala Golems and Voodoo Effigies
Did our ancestors uncover the secret to bringing forth life? And if so, did these rites disappear with them or have they been horded away and learned anew by another generation?

Derek's Dream Diary
Hi everyone. Lan here. I'm getting worried about Derek, he's having trouble sleeping and when he does manage to sleep he starts having these weird nightmares. I told him to start writing his dreams down in hopes that maybe he'll be able to figure out what's going on in his head...

El Perro Del Diablo
At the El Paso County Jail over 50 illegal aliens are waiting the few hours it takes to do their paperwork before they are put on a bus and shipped back over the border. They tried to get into the US the hard way and got caught. Many of them claim that the United States Border Patrol have started guarding the fences that separate the countries with something new and dangerous.

The Satyr Liberation Army
The Satyr Liberation Army, a weird gang of radicals has been linked to a series of vandalisms, demonstrations, and social protests in the San Francisco area. I spoke with one of their members named Britianica and learned about the strange magic involved in their actions.

The Calamari Caper
The residents of Spano Texas are convinced there's a monster called the desert squid attacking their livestock. Just what is a desert squid? I went to the heart of cowboy country to try and find out.

The Hollow Earth
Mole People... The very phrase conjures up a mental image of John Agar fighting off guys in bad makeup in some god awful B movie. But lurking behind this facade of Hollywood cheese may be just a little slice of the paranormal truth. Are there creatures living underneath New York City?

... from Science Stumpers


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