April 17th, 2000


Sorry for the "long time-no type to you" delay since my last entry but I've been hanging out in the woods with that fool Jason.

Yea, we went camping together and let me tell you that's the last time I'll ever share a pup tent with that mad bastard. He may be my friend and all but that sucker snores like he's a bush hog mowing down overgrown thistle on the side of the interstate. Every night I'd just get to sleep when suddenly .I'd hear, "SNNNAAARRRGGGHH" starting up right next to me. Drove me up the frigging wall. (not that there was any walls out there in the great unknown)

So besides him sounding like a buzzsaw every night, how was it? Lemme just say that I'm no outdoorsman. I thought I could deal with roughing it for a few days, knowing that I would be back in the comforting arms of electricity but after day two I was ready to crawl up the nearest tree (that's what they call those big things out in the woods that stick up into the air and have lots of little green things attached to them) and try to flag down William Shatner for a little Rescue 911 action. To be short and to the point: THE WOODS SUCK

So after 10 days of that nonsense (Jason refused to tell me where he hid the keys to his truck) we hiked back out of that godforsaken forest (thats what you call large collection of those tree things) and made it back to civilization. Jason claims that the trip made him stronger and wiser and all kinds of bull. The only thing the trip made me was starving for a double cheeseburger which I promptly got at the first fast food joint I saw.

While I was gone Lan and the high tech gang she hired to rescue the discussion board after the hacker wiped us clean came to the conclusion that it ain't gonna be easy to save what was lost. In light of that she went ahead and put the board back up. It looks pretty pitiful (had all of 3 entries last time I checked) but she says that they are still trying to get the rest of the info that was lost so cross your fingers and maybe she'll get lucky (and no I didn't mean that in the biblical sense)

Lan also got some interesting e-mails and attachments from her friend over in Eastern Europe. He forwarded a great story coming out of Moscow to us. Check it out by clicking here.

As for me, I'm going to sit back, relax, turn up the air conditioning and watch some mindless TV for a while. I simply refuse to even think about going outside.

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