July 26th, 2000

"By the time I get to Arizona"
     -song by Public Enemy-

I've had that song stuck in my head ever since we crossed the state line. Tonight Jason and I are cold chillin' somewhere close to Tucson in a cheap motel. I'm not trying to be hip when I say "cold chillin'" I mean it literally. Jason has some kinda weird freezing fetish and insists on keeping the air conditioning in our hotel rooms as low as they will go. Right now it's like 46 degrees in here and I have to keep rubbing the laptop's screen to be able to see what I'm typing . . . . .ok, maybe I'm exaggerating a little, but I tell ya, Jason is a freak!

Humm . . . I can't believe I just called Jason a freak, kinda sounds like the pot calling the kettle black huh? (Don't you just love those homey old sayings? . . .yeah, me neither)

Good trip so far, lots to see and do, traveled into Mexico on a little sightseeing tour when we woke up in El Paso today. Got an interesting story out of some guys at a bar, I'll tell you about it later in a full write up but for right now let's just say it involves some very weird dogs.

Speaking of dogs (gotta dig that segue way) Here's a pic of everyone's favorite robotic Freakylinks mascot, Sherlock Bones just minutes before he falls to his death over a cliff.

Naw, just kidding, Sherlock Bones is resting comfortably here next to me and would speak thru the internet to you but his cold metallic paws can't move the mouse that well.
(insert sarcastic theme music here)

Curiously enough I saw yet another fire as I was rolling thru New Mexico.

This one was small but we had to drive thru the smoke. Maybe I should start taking all these fires as signs from God (or the devil)

And finally on the grand tour of weird things you can do in the middle of the desert, if you are ever on I-10 about 60 miles east of Tucson I highly recommend that you stop at "The Thing?" at mile marker 322.

What is "the thing?" I can't tell ya but trust me, it's worth every penny of the dollar admission price.

And if free and freaky is more to your liking I suggest you check out the new ghost story I wrote in the Freakopedia. The Crybaby Bridge is sure to bring you minutes of free fun. (and isn't free what the internet is all about?)

OK, that's it for this report; I'm hitting the hay. Looks like Jason the cold miser has fallen asleep (either that or he now snores when he's awake) so I'm cranking the ac back up to normality and calling it a night. Talk to ya tomorrow!

Hurdy gur
Derek "heat miser" Barnes

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