Schemers, dreamers and others touched in the head. People with mobius loops stuck in their minds.

The Satyr Liberation Army
The Satyr Liberation Army, a weird gang of radicals has been linked to a series of vandalisms, demonstrations, and social protests in the San Francisco area. I spoke with one of their members named Britianica and learned about the strange magic involved in their actions.

The Case of the Binary Bathroom
Is there something weird going on at the Nova Express coffee house in Los Angeles? Are the twins that work there just nitwits or something a little more sinister? And what's up with the bathroom décor?

The Evil Gunter Mahlberg
I've had listed on my "know thine enemy" page for quite some time. I put them there just because I thought that collecting paranormal phenomenon without sharing your findings with the public was the wrong thing to do. I had no idea I was just seeing the tip of the iceberg.

Saint Eom and Pasaquan
Hidden in the kudzu-draped forest of Georgia, just to the right of Columbus and to the left of reality, stands the surreal palace of Pasaquan. It's owner, Saint Eom, has been dead for nearly 13 years but his presence can still be felt hanging over the day glow concrete statues and walls that adorn his home.

Children of the Mind Ranch
In January of 1970, a commune of self professed hippies were raided by police and charged with child abuse, drug use, and tax evasion. A quick trial found them guilty as charged but 30 years later the question still remains, Was the group common criminals or into something deeper?

Tantos and the Illumination of Boston
The Church of Consumption
Home Grown Freak Show
Artistic Australians Down on the Farm
Look Ma, I'm Satan!
Too Much Time In My Hand
The CIA Made Me Do It
Russian Tarzan
A Stripper With Something Extra
But Where Do They Buy Diapers?
Toxic Terrorists
Send In the Clones
The Hole Truth
Jumping Jack Flash
Adam and Eve Go South
Sweet Sixteen
I've Got A Pit O' Money and Death


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