Ghosts and other things that go Boo in the night. Is it a spirit or just Uncle Fred with a sheet over his head?

Corpus Delicti
Countless scores of humanity have passed through this earthly plain before us, is it not normal to wonder if they left something of themselves behind? That's a question that I started asking myself not long after I went with my friend Jason to the law offices of his father.

Ghost Dog Attacks Skater, Film at Eleven
Last week something a little out of the ordinary occurred while Will was skating over the Edmund Pettus bridge in Selma, Alabama. Something so strange that he still seems a little spooked about it when he tells me what he saw.

Do the Ghosts of the Alamo Pay Taxes?
If you ask around the town of San Antonio about ghosts in the Alamo you'll get lots of different answers. But beyond the rumor and innuendo there's a deeper truth.

I saw my dead brother yesterday. Someone sent me a quicktime and there on the screen, large as life, was Adam. Is it just a cruel prank? The date on the video is only 3 days old and I want to believe it's real and that it's him.

Brushstrokes from Beyond
'I was cleaning one day and something made me look at the painting. Nothing seemed weird about it but then I noticed that there was a light painted coming out of one of the windows of the cabin. That was strange because I swear Grandfather Beck didn't paint it that way.'

Ghosts in the Machine
Gang Banger Ghost Dog
Damn Telemarketers!
Must've been an angry chef in another life!
Old Macdonald Had a Ghost!
Magic Marker Draws Cleveland Crowd
You Ain't Nothing But a Ghost Dog


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