Angels and devils and those in between. Is your magic 8 ball a tool of Satan?

It's a Small, Vampiric World, After All
One of the most interesting examples of lesser-known vampire myths comes out of the Philippines. For many years the natives of these islands have spoken in quiet voices of a vampiric creature called the 'Tatagong.'

This article was supposed to be about the strange goings on in the weird little town of Casadaga Florida. But the story became a lot bigger than that mainly because I wasn't the first Barnes to visit Casadaga Florida. Adam beat me to it.

The Dark Gods of Jet Propulsion
Jack Parsons was one of the founding fathers of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratories in Pasadena, but it was his interest in the occult and magical workings that makes him doubly interesting. Who was this scientist who combined an intense interest in the occult with his desire to advance rocket science?

Drunken Interview with a Vampire
On a hot, humid, July night Jason and I found ourselves in New Orleans faced with a dilemma of epic proportions. The problem? Jason wanted to drink and I wanted to go find a vampire (Or at least someone who thought they were.) After a bit of haggling I found a solution. We'd go vampire hunting at a bar.

The Crybaby Bridge
A building contractor in the small town of Greenville Alabama may have solved a 70-year-old mystery. During renovations to restore the Dayton House, building contractor James Farrell uncovered fragments of a human skull in the building's subbasement.

The Cross Garden
A Holy Pane in the Butt
Does the Anti-Christ Like Chocolate Chip Cookies?
Praise the Lord and Pass the Earplugs
The Write Stuff
Same As It Ever Will Be
Hey Waiter, There's A Demon in My Soup
The Devil Came Down To Georgia For Catfish
Unholy Toledo
Dutch Elm Disease From Hell
Slime Time
Wings of Desire
Bleeding For Jesus


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