Animals and plants doing things they shouldn't. Huge frogs, flying cats, oh my!

El Perro Del Diablo
At the El Paso County Jail over 50 illegal aliens are waiting the few hours it takes to do their paperwork before they are put on a bus and shipped back over the border. They tried to get into the US the hard way and got caught. Many of them claim that the United States Border Patrol have started guarding the fences that separate the countries with something new and dangerous.

The Glowing Kittens of Los Alamos
Mallory was driving to a friend's house in Los Alamos when he spotted something glowing on the side of the road. A closer look revealed that the glow was coming from three small kittens.

The Belgian and the Snake Staff
In 1934 Dr. Frederick Vedolinte, a Belgian professor working in Rwanda, heard a rumor that a local chief had a war staff that he could turn into a snake. For the next 2 months Vedolinte tried to find out the truth. In the end it may have cost him his life.

What-ski in the Sewer-ski, Comrade?
In the Moscow suburb of Sukharevskaya, a city water supply worker recently discovered what may be the remains of a shed snake skin that measured over 6 meters (approx. 20 feet) in length.

A Fishy Tale in Latin
Bob James (42) has been crabbing in the San Francisco Bay ever since he was a young boy. But nothing prepared him for the fish he brought up in a crab pot on January 3rd. A fish that had an inscription on it's side, written in Latin!

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The Loudest Ribbet In The World


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