Unexplainable wonders and anomalies in the world around us. Science can't explain it, can you?

The Hollow Earth
Mole People... The very phrase conjures up a mental image of John Agar fighting off guys in bad makeup in some god awful B movie. But lurking behind this facade of Hollywood cheese may be just a little slice of the paranormal truth. Are there creatures living underneath New York City?

Bring Me the Head of Gunter Mahlberg
The story goes that after Chief Osceola died in 1838 his head was cut off from his body and secretly stolen by a Doctor named Frederick Weedon. Most people assumed that the head was later lost in a New York medical school fire of 1866 but that was never proven since remains were never found.

The Alabama Dream Stealer
Over the period of several days Waters wrote down what information he could gleam from his dreams. Curiously enough, they all related to his new back yard and digging. Finally he took a shovel out into the yard and began to dig, uncovering a wooden statue.

Frog In Your Throat
'I rushed into the bathroom and stuck my head over the toilet just in time. I felt these chunks coming out of my mouth but I didn't realize what they were until I looked in the toilet bowl and saw the frogs!'

Welcome to Pelican Heaven
It was raining pretty hard that day, but there were fish all over, like someone had just spread them everywhere

Kermit Goes Kerplunk!
Bible Thumping
Hot Tamale
The Pool Guy's Gonna Get Some Overtime on This One!
Baghdad Battery
Of Quartz I Love You Baby!
The Mother-In-Law
The sure don't make em like they used to!
Huns Say the Darndest Things!
Look At All The Pretty Colors Around My Head
Gravity Goes Gonzo


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