Yeti, sea serpents, and other unknown animals. Crytozoology at it's finest.

The Calamari Caper
The residents of Spano Texas are convinced there's a monster called the desert squid attacking their livestock. Just what is a desert squid? I went to the heart of cowboy country to try and find out.

Thunderbird Two: Electric Boogaloo
Owensmouth Georgia has got a problem. Everybody I've talked to agrees on that. But then there's a second problem; no one can agree on just what the first problem is. The sheriff says it's overzealous bears out on the prowl... but I think it may actually be related to the thunderbird.

The Mokele Mbembe Mercenary
A reader named "The Bobster" informed me about a guy in Gainesville that may have seen something in the African jungle. The facts he gave seem to fit the profile of the infamous cryptozoological beastie called "Mokele Mbembe".

In Search of the Alabama Bigfoot
Hawk Spearman believes in Bigfoot. And if you sit down and talk with him for a minute or two, you'll believe in Bigfoot too. Hawk lives in the small town of Ashville Alabama and from a cramped trailer he heads up an organization known as the "Southeastern Bigfoot Research Organization."

The Surly Nerd Gets the Wurm
A package that arrived at the Biology College contained a strange skeleton that some scientists are saying is the first physical proof of an animal long regarded to be a myth in the Swiss Alps; the Alpine Tatzelwurm.

Devil in the Pickle Jar
Here Cerberus, good boy!
Somebody Better Tell Godzilla
The Pumas of Penzance
Is That A Bigfoot In Your Pocket Or Are You Just Happy to See Me?
South African Sasquatch
The Okeechobee Ogre
Goat Sucking for Fun and Profit
Willie the Sea Serpent
Monster in a Bottle
How Many Pterodactyls Did You Kill In the War, Daddy?
The Trouble With Kudzu
Hunka, Hunka, Stinking Globster
Bad Smelling Monster of Florida


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