This article was supposed to be about the strange goings on in the weird little town of Casadaga Florida. Casadaga was established over a 100 years ago by psychics as a "spiritual center' and their annual psychic fair this week seemed like the perfect time to visit the town. But the story became a lot bigger than that mainly because I wasn't the first Barnes to visit Casadaga Florida. Adam beat me to it. Just 2 weeks before he died Adam spent a few days in the town searching for some answers. I think I found out a few of the answers that he was looking for. But now I'm trying to unravel what the questions were. It's obvious that Adam knew a lot more then he ever told me.

Casadaga Florida

On the surface Casadaga looks normal. Or just about as normal as a town full of psychics can look. It's only when I started poking around that I discovered that the town ain't exactly what it seems. I've always taken psychics and their ability with a grain of salt. Now I know different. Because for whatever reason the founders of the town settled down smack dab in the middle of some of the strangest stuff ever to grace this ball of mud we call planet earth. They drew up their plans, built a town, and never even knew they were right on top of a fight between good and evil.

Oh it seems like some of the citizens knew what was going on. Resident author Wilson Ashcroft certainly had his ideas inspired by the local version of reality. He even wrote a horror novel called "The Harbingers" that was based on what he was seeing. You could call it an expose of the evils that surrounded the town. Unfortunately, the rest of the reading public called it trash and it was soon forgotten by everyone but Ashcroft. Before his death he use to stand outside on the streets of his beloved town and give away Xeroxed copies of the book to anyone that would take it. Ashcroft was convinced the book was important and tried to keep it words circulating in the minds of readers until he died. Adam was also convinced that the work was important. So important that he promised Ashcroft that he would help him get his work out on the World Wide Web. Course those plans got put on hold when Adam decided to commit suicide.

I know this article seems rambling so let me acknowledge the problem right here. It's not easy for me to discuss this one with you. This subject was important to Adam and whenever I think about him I get all angry and upset at once. The facts tend to get blurred and hidden behind a veil of emotions and I don't think too straight. Maybe I should try and start over again and tell exactly what happened.

It seems like Adam knew about the existence of these invisible creatures that Ashcroft has labeled the Harbingers. Don't ask me to explain what they are, I really can't tell you. Are they from another dimension? Are they from hell? I dunno, but it's evident that they were up to no good in Casadaga. The long and the short of it is that Ashcroft's book was based on fact. That these Harbingers aren't part of the local flora and fauna and when they cross over from where ever they come from the first thing they do is hop onto someone and act as a combination parasite and controlling force. They make you do bad things. All kinds of bad things from fights with your significant other all the way up to attempted murder. As long as it's evil it doesn't matter to them. I'm not sure what the purposes of these evil acts are. Maybe they feed off of the emotions that are based in evil and misdeeds. Again, I dunno. I was never much good at science and I didn't stick around them long enough to dissect one and see what makes it tick. All I can tell you is that these invisible creatures are real and that Casadaga has a severe case of Harbinger infestation.

Adam's old night vision video camera revealed the presence of the Harbinger creatures to me.
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But what could I do about this? Something like this was more along the job descriptions of quantum physicists and Catholic priests instead of a guy that runs a website based on the wacky happenings of the paranormal. But even convincing my friends of what I was knew was hard enough. I can't even begin to imagine trying to explain it to the real adults of this world. Nope, if something was to be done then it was going to have to be done by me. (As stupid and silly and self pompous as that sounds.)

But just like he used to do when we were kids, Adam was there to give me a hand. He must have had the same thoughts as I about the invasion force of these Harbingers and he had snooped around until he met Ashcroft. For whatever reason Ashcroft knew of the existence of these creatures as well and he had published his findings in that god-awful horror book. The funny thing is, the book acted as a weapon against these things. The mere knowledge of their existence acts as a weapon against them. By publishing his book, Ashcroft was able to keep the creatures at bay and keep the town safe. That's why even after the book went out of print you could still find him out on the streets of Casadaga giving Xeroxed copies of it away. As long as the knowledge was held in the public's mind then the creatures have no power over us. But now that he was dead, the creatures were once again able to roam free. The book no longer bound them because the information it contained was no longer known.

But Adam had a plan for that and Lan and I took up where he left off. We got the knowledge out to the world. Not by issuing a book that no one will read. No, we transferred the power of the written word straight out in the Internet, just like Adam wanted. Even as you read this there's a computer server dedicated to sending these words of power out to the World Wide Web where they are transferred in an endless loop. The knowledge is out there and it's enough to stop these Harbinger suckers dead in their tracks.

From Adam's research tapes of Casadaga

I know this all sounds crazy and I don't expect most of you to believe me. In some ways that's ok cause the story is really a personal one to begin with. Adam had this knowledge right before he died and I know that it relates to his suicide in some way. Looking over Adam's reference video tape about the town gives me the feeling that these creatures are just the tip of some paranormal iceberg waiting out there in the darkness. Maybe Adam was able to look further and see what the rest of the iceberg was made of. Maybe the knowledge drove him over the edge. Still for some reason I don't think that Adam killed himself for no reason at all. He had some dark purpose behind his actions and I've only scratched the surface of what he was up to.

Besides the obvious question is; where did these creatures come from and what else is out there with them?


Still of Adam Barnes by Adam Barnes

All other photos and video by Derek Barnes.

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