Same As It Ever Will Be

Orlando Florida - Howard and Elizabeth Foxworth have been looking for the meaning of life for quite some time. They've tried Christianity, Buddhism, Tao, I Ching and Post Life Regression, all without finding inner peace. Finally they decided to find the truth themselves.

Howard and Elizabeth are sure of their future

"With tried lots of stuff, but nothing really fit us," Howard, or Easy B as he calls himself, told me. "We've found little bits and pieces of different religions that we liked but nothing really seem to be the whole cosmic enchilada."

That's when Easy B and his wife decided to start doing things for themselves. Using hypnosis, Howard was able to put his wife into her subconscious and tap into what they call the "loop center" of the brain.

"The loop center is where all your memories are stored. Not just memories of what was but memories of what is to be." Elizabeth told me. "To understand the loop you have to understand that time is just a big cosmic circle. Where you are right now is just one spot on this wheel. With the proper mind techniques you can move your loop center around the circle of time and experience what you will become. Life is never ending. When you die the soul simply shifts to another point on this wheel."

They call this "future life progression" and Howard put his wife under in my presence to show me what they are experiencing.

"The suit is heavy but not as bad as it would be on earth. I'm checking the outside of air scrubber number 4 for any cracks." Elizabeth spoke rather huskily as she laid on the couch with her eyes closed. She claimed to be a man named Nathan Correl who was working on Mars as part of an effort to terraform the planet in the year 2190. She went on for a half hour describing the different parts of her job and what it was like to live on another planet. Howard explained that she had experienced other memories up to around the year 2700 but after that her subconscious seems to have "shifted mental gears" and it was harder to transmit the information she experienced.

"My guess is that somewhere around that time humans make the next evolutionary step and the brain we have now has trouble dumbing down that info." said Howard. Howard has also used the technique for exploring his future lives and reports that he has been a travel agent in Moscow, a shuttle pilot for a space station based hotel chain and even an undersea farmer on a kelp farm in the Pacific Ocean.

Both Howard and Elizabeth are eager to share this technique with others but are a little wary of who they get involved with. "It may seem a little strange to people at first." Howard said. "If the wrong people heard about it they may think we're a little nuts."


-interview with Howard and Elizabeth Foxworth, August 1st, 1999

photo by Derek Barnes

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