February 12th, 2001

Hello people, Lan here again,

I'm getting more and more concerned about Derek. I haven't had contact with him since he up and ran off last Friday. Usually when he is on the road he contacts me every so often just to check up but I haven't heard a single thing so far. Something feels wrong. I've never seen him go off like this before without telling me the details. He even left Jason behind. I'd talk to Chloe about things but I haven't heard anything from her since she left to do some work related stuff. I feel like I'm all on my lonesome.

To pass the time I went with Jason over to Adam's old house to try and find that book that Nexus spoke of I think we had some luck because after a couple of hours of looking through dusty texts we found something written on the inside page of an edition of the book "Naked Lunch."

Is this the clue that Nexus spoke about when he e-mailed Derek? I'm not sure. Could the clue be the book itself? And what do the numbers mean? Are they meaningless scribbles? Jason is as perplexed as I am about this. Usually I'm able to solve these little conundrums that fall in my lap but I think worrying about Derek has really messed with my mind. I can't think straight. Jason tries to play it cool but I think he is worried as well. We both know how strange Derek can get when he starts obsessing over his brother. And now he is convinced that this Nexus character has something to do with his "destiny." God only knows what Derek is going to do.

Even scarier is the fact that Stu Carmichael is after us again. A friendly e-mail steered me over to his website at I'm not sure what Stu is doing but I don't like his style. I found his number in Derek's personal phone book but Stu doesn't seem to be answering his phone. Is he somehow connected with Derek's disappearance? I hope not. Stu if you are reading this and know what is going on then e-mail me or call. Don't do this to me.

I hope you come home soon Derek, I really, really do.


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