February 5th, 2001


There's times when the weirdness level in my life hits new highs and I just don't have any explanation as to why or where the strange twists and turns are gonna take me.

Take this whole hidden cam thing for example......I mean on the surface it makes no sense for somebody to take that kind of interest in me. I'm a boring computer geek with no money and nothing to show for my life's work other than a website with meg's and meg's of semi-useless data. For me to think that anything I do is of a high level interest to others seems to be on the verge of being paranoid. Course I guess my life just seems normal to others I must be a walking, talking freak show. Why else would there be a reason to bug me?

And that's just what happened. I don't think I would have ever found out who was spying on me by myself. Oh Lan had plans to try and trace the make and model of the camera but lets not kid ourselves, that was a long shot...those kinds of connections don't happen to people in real life. Nope, this should have mystified me for quite a while...

But then I got an e-mail that changed everything.


People you have met before placed the camera in your home. In fact you once considered these people your friends. Remember the businessmen who sent you to Seattle in search of the unknown? That experience almost cost you your sanity. This time they are keeping closer eyes on you. They are currently staying in room 115 at the Coconut Bay Hotel on Washington Street in South Beach. Perhaps you should contact them in person to voice your displeasure.

A Friend"

I get e-mails all the time from people claiming to know something. Usually they're nothing but the electronic equivalent of hot air. But this one felt a little different. Just for kicks, I called the hotel and asked for room 115. The phone rang twice and was picked up by a familiar sounding voice....a familiar sounding Japanese voice. I hung up, called Jason and left Saturday afternoon for Miami.

Oh yeah, I'd been wanting to meet back up with these guys for quite a while. That experience in Seattle had left me with the shakes for several weeks and I never got the opportunity to thank those responsible for it. I don't know who was behind that e-mail and I couldn't care less. In 3 hours we were done in Miami and had found the hotel. We sauntered in like we owned the place. And with Jason's help I got into room 115 with no problem at all.

And boy were they surprised to see me. At first they played dumb about knowing anything about the camera but Jason did a little "explaining" to them while I riffled through some of their stuff. I found several sheets of pictures from the cam mixed in with meaningless graphs and other corporate papers. That got me kinda riled up and that's when I decided it was my turn to play bad cop with them. Jason finally had to haul me off. They were pretty apologetic and full of explanations after I got through with them.

.... Listen I know I'm not sounding like myself. I don't usually go around beating people up, not even if they're slime that like to spy on me or send me off to discover monsters in meat freezers. But this time I was mad, real mad. So mad that I was through behaving, through being the nice guy, through sitting around while other people screw with my life. I wanted answers from them and I didn't want to wait around while they figured out what their story should be.

So I made sure they were ready to tell me the truth. Problem was they didn't know much of it. They claimed that they were just acting as middlemen for someone who was interested in me. Said that they just did what they were told and looked on it as an extracurricular activity. They had been told to send me up to Seattle with that cryptic little clue. Breaking into my house and planting a camera was the same thing, just another game to them. They watched Lan and me through it but didn't even know what they were supposed to be looking for. They said they were waiting for another contact with their boss.........

And who was that I asked?

They didn't know his real name but in his e-mails he calls himself Nexus.

Nexus, as in the Nexus from my brother's old website. The Nexus that was soooooo friggin helpful in getting my brother interested in suicide. The Nexus that may or may not be the one that has been posting obscure comments on my discussion boards these past few months.

Well Nexus if you're reading this then I guess you know that the cat is out of the bag. I know you're still around and that you're interested in me.

Well guess I'm interested in you


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