Thunderbird Two: Electric Boogaloo

Owensmouth Georgia has got a problem. Everybody I've talked to agrees on that. The Sheriff agrees there's a problem, the gruff but lovable farmer agrees there's a problem, even the just-let-me-graduate-and-get-the-hell-out-of-Owensmouth teenagers agree that this town has got one hell of a problem. But then there's a second problem; no one can agree on just what the first problem is. The sheriff says it's overzealous bears out on the prowl.

The quirky yet crazy farmer thinks it has to do with some ancient Indian curse. The teenagers are usually too drunk to care about thinking. But sometimes problems have a way of showing themselves. Just ask local teen sensation and former camping enthusiast Brandon Dunhill.

Of course talking to Brandon could prove to be yet another problem. Cause by the time I got to town, Brandon wasn't talking. In fact he wasn't saying much of anything. That's because poor old Brandon was dead and as usual I was left holding the bag. Check out the quicktime to see how things unfolded.

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So was it like the Sheriff said? Was there a huge, angry bear stalking around the woods just waiting for the chance to dismember young teens and throw their body parts willy-nilly through the trees like an over-zealous interior decorator? That's one answer, but I wasn't buying it. You know me kids, I'm never one to accept the quick and easy solution when there's a harder and more convoluted route to follow. And this time I wasn't the only member of the team intent on digging a little deeper than Johnny Law wanted. Chloe surprised me by jumping into the game and doing a little research. She found out that there's a cycle of violence in this area of Georgia. Every 30 years or so trouble rears its ugly head and you don't want to be around when it does. Even Lan was getting in on the paranormal action cause I had her trying to figure out what kind of animal can tear off a person's arm at the shoulder. Oh yeah, my trip to Georgia was turning into a real freakylink.

So after the first round of snooping I had a bunch of clues laid out in front of me. I just had to figure out what they pointed to. To recap:

  1. A cycle of violence that seems to go back for hundreds of years.

  2. Something running loose in the woods ripping off people's arms and decorating the scenery with them.

  3. An Indian legend about some kind of evil that inhabited the woods.

  4. A surly Sheriff intent on keeping me out of the loop.

Number four was no problem, I've ignored much better advice than this policeman was trying to give me. But number 1 through 3 had me stumped. Stumped until I thought back to the Freakopedia and the entry that got me started down this merry little paranormal path.

Click here to see a larger version of the photo

Can it be true? Are the attacks happening in Owensmouth related to that picture I found so long ago? I know it sounds crazy but just hear out the facts.

  1. If you take the cycle of violence back in time it sorta correlates to having occurred during the civil war. (Give or take a few years. You gotta figure that Thunderbirds aren't really big on punctuality.)

  2. Lan's got a "friend" who's a zoologist and his scientific analysis of the arm confirmed that it wasn't torn off by any bear. He laughingly suggested that it looked like a pelican had done it. If a pelican was 50 feet or so in length.

  3. (And this is the clincher so listen up.) Once Lan knew what part of the country the picture might have been taken in she looked up old civil war letters in the Library of Congress. What she found is pretty interesting

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I know it isn't proof positive but if you're a regular to Freakylinks then you know that it's rare when anything on here is. It all goes back to belief, Sometimes you have to accept that not everything in the world is of the cut and dried variety of reality. The residents of Owensmouth refuse to do that and it's cost them the lives of their citizens time and time again. Call it a conspiracy of silence or call it a refusal to believe, either way you slice it, it all boils down to having an open mind. As for me, I'm taking the high road, the paranormal parkway. I may be a little out there but I'll never have any regrets.

Oh and I advise you to be somewhere other than Owensmouth Georgia in the year 2030.


Personal Interviews with Owensmouth Georgia Sheriff John Mosely, and citizens, Cassie Pierce, Tiffany Amberson, John Lockhart and others.

thunderbird photo owned by Derek Barnes, all rights reserved, this means you

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