Damn Telemarketers!

Summer 1995: Jenny Carrazco (20 at the time) was having a difficult enough time at Seminole Community College in Longwood, Florida with failing grades and the possibility of losing her financial aid moved into a more reasonable priced apartment only to find herself in the grip of an "angry ghost." This photograph, taken in the summer of 1995, was snapped during one of the many attacks by Jenny's boyfriend, Mike Yakov (35).

Phone Home: Pesky Poltergeist Plays Phone Pass

"We would leave the house in the morning, and everything would be fine. We'd get back, and things would sometimes be messed up, sometimes rearranged, and sometimes stacked one on top of the other," says Yakov. "Once Jenny was doing her homework at the kitchen table, and she turned to answer the phone. When she turned back, her pencil was gone and her homework was wadded up. She didn't move a foot!" The pesky poltergeist would sometimes wake the couple up in the night, ripping the bedcovers off of their sleeping bodies.

"It really was a pain. and we moved out after a month. We lost our deposit and everything." Said Carrazco.

That apparently didn't stop the force, which followed them to their next house. "This time it would keep us up all night sometimes. This was unbearable." Said Yakov. "After a year of it, we couldn't stand to be around each other. I had to leave." After two years, the couple broke up. Carrazco says that as soon as Yakov left, the attacks abruptly ended.

"If I didn't know Mike as well as I do, I'd think he had caused it all along." Says Carrazco, who remains uneasy friends with Yakov. "I'm afraid to take any dates back here, for fear that it will return."

Carol Louden (34), who moved into the house after Carrazco fled claims that she has never experienced any disturbances. "I love the view. It's a really great house," says Louden.


Interview with Jenny Carrazco September 22, 1998, Mike Yakov September 23, 1998, and Carol Louden September 23, 1998

Photo Credit: Mike Yakov

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