July 29th, 1999


I just spent the most frustrating 5 days of my life trying to met with this guy who claims that a corporation from an alternate earth is trying to steal our natural resources.

He's out of Atlanta so he drops me an e-mail and refuses to go into specifics until I call him. So I call him and he asks me if I'm on a portable phone. Well yes I am so then he says "Nope, no good. Call me back on a phone that is physically connected to it's base." So I drag my ass all the way over to my mother's house and call the guy back.

He tells me a little more and then says that he will only tell me the whole story if I agree to met him, in Atlanta.

So being the good reporter that I am I haul butt up to Atlanta but the first day I get their is bad for him. There's a satellite owned by the corporation thats being redirected to cover the southern region of the US. We can't meet until it's back in normal orbit.

So at this point I'm getting pissed but I do a little checking and sure enough there is a satellite that is being retargeted because of "unusual solar flare activity" Don't that just tickle your fancy?

So 2 more days roll by (I'm staying at a friends house and I suspect he's getting a little tired of getting up in the morning and finding my ass on the floor) and finally the satellite is back in it's proper place in the sky and I met with Mr. X

We're at this small cafe of Peach Street and he's brought along charts and graphs and all kind of paperwork for me to take a look at. I half expect for him to show me the tinfoil hat he wears to block their transmissions.

So the long and the short of it is that I got the story and it's up for you to read over. I'm back home, Mr. X has gone off to whatever hideyhole he lives in, and the corporation is still in business using our land for their resource depleted earth II.

Think I'll go wear my tinfoil hat now.

hurdy gur

Derek "is it safe?" Barnes

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