Dec. 1st

What up?

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. I dragged Lan over to my Mom's and forced cranberry sauce down her throat. I can't believe she's never had cranberry sauce. I mean that's my favorite part of Thanksgiving. That purple can shaped blob that sits in the plate and jiggles when you bump the table. When I was little I tried to get Mom to serve cranberry sauce with every meal but she didn't go for it for very long. I mean, I would sit at the table shaking the sauce blob and not eating. After a while cranberry sauce came to be an incentive to do things.

"Derek if you clean up your side of the room then we'll have cranberry sauce tonight for dinner. "

I use to sneak into the kitchen and try to find unopened cans of cranberry sauce. Mom had to hide the stuff from me. I was a cranberry addict. Then when I turned 10 I discovered comic books and cranberries no longer held me in their purple berry grip.

Thats more about me than you wanted to know, right?

Just came back from my first sinkhole worship service. That was one of the tips I got from the article written about us. I can safely say that I have seen things I have never seen before. (And hopefully will never see again, for specifics, go read the article and look at the pictures.)

Lan has added some new links and I appreciate everyone that is taking a second and clicking through. This is the first time I have thought that the web site may actually provide a living for me and her. Wouldn't that be hot? Finally something that I am:

A) good at
B) lets me live in the comfort level that I am use to.
And it's all thanks to the support I get from you guys. I wouldn't be doing this if it wasn't popular (well I might be doing it but I'd also be flipping the figurative burger as well.)

The sea serpent web cam is getting a lot of attention and we are thinking of adding another. Maybe not a sea serpent but something in the same vein. Any ideas?

I'd also like to take a second and give out a thanks to the boys and girls over at the gothic network that have been giving me the good work of mouth. I'm lighting candles and wearing black in appreciation (well no, not really) That subculture gets some bad press but all in all they are a supportive group that helps each other. (at least until they tie you up in a closet and plan to drink your blood, but I digress)

hurdy gur
Derek "Tragedy Andy" Barnes

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