March 15th, 1999


I failed to mention this little old lady I met when I was in Manhattan. She works at this record shop in the Village where I went and bought presents for all the freaks in my life.

Anyway I struck up a conversation with her since it seemed very odd to me that a 60 something woman should be running a store that sells, among other things, T-shirts that say "Spank Me, I wanna be bad"

Well you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover cause she turned out to be pretty hip and with it. Guess age ain't no big thing if you don't let it be.

I told her about the website and she sent me an e-mail this week on the subject of a 1950's lounge singer named Nicky Toledo that is right up my alley. I had never heard of him but after I called her and got some more information he seems to be the real deal. And you thought your parent's generation was all giggles and trying to look up girl's skirt's with a mirror.

That's what rubs me when people say how they long for the good 'ole days. Like when some 70 year old Senator tells the public about how youth violence has gotten out of hand and when he was a kid everyone acted respectable. Yea right, there was just this tiny little thing called World War 2 going on where a maniac was killing millions of people and then we decided to show the Russians who was going to be the new boss by dropping atomic bombs on a country that was already trying to surrender. Total b.s. Don't believe the hype. The generations that came before us were just as bad as we are. Go ask the American Indians about the good ole days. I'm sure they would have a different view of things.

People, you got to think for yourself. Don't let politicians try and ram ideas down your throats. You ain't no dummy. Learn the facts, see through the myth. Just because "everybody knows it" don't make it the truth. That's why there's a disclaimer on the beginning of the web page. Don't accept what I say as the literal end all and be all. Go and find out for yourself. Make your brain work for a second or two instead of force feeding it cable porn and sitcoms. If you don't think then you have no one to blame but yourself when you find society ain't the way you want it to be.

Now go clean your room and don't give me any of that back talk or I'll tell your father when he gets home from the factory.

hurdy gur,

Derek "older but no wiser" Barnes

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