Saturday, October 7
The day’s tour begins at 8:30 in Germantown, Maryland where you will board a bus to be transported through western Maryland on a tour of all the filming locations of THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT. 

Starting in Burkittsville Cemetery, you will venture to all the spots where Heather, Mike and Josh interviewed planted actors as well as others they encountered to discover the mysteries of the Blair Witch. 

We will then travel to Seneca Creek State Park where you will see Coffin Rock, the stone cemetery along with spot where they interviewed the fishermen. 

The last stop of the day will take you to the woods where the mysterious stickmen were hanging in the woods.  Be sure to bring your twine as it is encouraged to refill the woods with the symbol that shocked the world in 1999.

Saturday night includes a camp out in Patapsco State Park.  The campground includes all the emanates of modern living (minus the rock piles outside your tent) running water, electricity and modern bathroom facilities.  The host site will include fun activities and gathering for fans to meet others from around the world.

Sunday October 8
Sunday’s event includes a trip to the location of the infamous ruins of the Rustin Parr house located close to the campground. 

While the structure of the house is gone, the site includes many surprises for those who are brave enough to venture there. 

Sunday’s events do not include transportation but the location is only a short drive from your campsite.