1) So how do we get from location to location?
There will be a bus that will drive all attendees around to each site we visit.  In years past as the event grew it became logistically impossible to keep over a dozen vehicles from falling behind and waiting so this year I have chartered a bus to take all attendees to each location.  Just like in grade school we will pack a school bus and nobody has to worry about getting lost or trying to find a place to park!

2) What do we do at each location
 At each site I will provide backstory about how each location was chosen and every fan will have opportunities for photos, selfies and see what each location has to offer.  Some sites we will spend more time at than others but everyone will have a chance to do what they want.  This is your Blair Witch Experience, make it one you’ll remember!

3)  Is there actual hiking in the woods?
Short answer, yes.  There are a few locations that are actually in the woods, Coffin Rock, the stone cemetery and the stickman woods.  Each location is located along an actual trail so please make sure you’re wearing low impact hiking books or good sneakers.  The stone cemetery is located up a small hill that is off trail but easy to climb up and down.  

4)  What should I bring on the bus for Saturday?
 Bring a backpack for your camera, water, extra cell phone battery and anything else you’ll need.  Yes you can bring tripods, drones or any other type of small equipment to capture the beauty of the Maryland countryside.  

5)  Should i bring a lunch?
 You can bring snacks and drinks. Although not required but Stup’s Market has a nice selection of cold drinks to rehydrate in the middle of the day.

6)  Can we build stickmen in the woods again?
Absolutely! It is extremely encouraged at the stickman location to repopulate the area with iconic stickmen.  So bring your twine and small pocket knife or scissors to make the area look like it did in 1997.

7)  So what about the camping?
 If you wish to camp Saturday night at Patapsco State Park, you will need to bring camping gear.  From where the bus drops us off at the end of the tour, the campsite is about a 35 minute drive from Germantown to Patapsco State Park so reserve your campsite quickly and when you’re there you can check in and proceed to your site.  The campsite is beautiful and includes running water, electricity, bathrooms and laundry.  You should bring a tent, ground cloth, sleeping bag or blankets.  In addition, I host the attendees at my campsite so bring a camping chair or stool as well.  If you wish to bring treats or snacks for yourselves or others you’re welcome to do so, there will be a fire for s’mores and other snacks.  The campground has a quiet time starting at 10 so please make sure we remain respectful of our neighbors if they aren’t part of the group.

8)  So what’s Sunday like?
Sunday around 11am we will depart for the ruins of the Rustin Parr house which is located about 5 miles from the campsite.  We have permission to park at a local church so Sunday is your own transportation, there is no bus for Sunday.  When we park at the church, it is a short 5 minute walk along the road to the trail leading into the woods.  The trail to the ruins is very low impact and is only off trail for a moment or two.  Once at the location you are free to spend as much time there as you’d like and can leave whenever you wish.

9)  Can I get an autograph on Saturday if a cast member shows up?
Depending on what stop we are at, there may be cast and crew members in attendance and yes you can. 

10) Why should I come to the Blair Witch Experience, the movie scared me!
Unlike other conventions the Blair Witch Experience aims to put you in the same places that Heather, Mike and Josh filmed the moved in 1997.  It’s a one of kind weekend to immerse yourself in one of, if not the scariest movie of all time.  Rather than spending the weekend in a convention hall, spending the weekend in the beautiful Maryland countryside in the middle of fall provides an opportunity to make memories with fans from all over the world.  There are no scary antics so if you’re worried about being scared no one will jump out of the trees and scare you (the witch isn’t real, that i know of!  This a family event and all are encouraged to come and have a great time!