World Premiere of SEVENTH MOON!!!

The time has come to unleash this bad-boy on the world! No, not that bad-boy, silly! The new film!

Seventh Moon Poster Small-1 SEVENTH MOON will be premiering at FANTASTIC FEST in Austin, Texas, on Saturday night, September 20, at 10 pm. Be there or be square. Here's the write-up. We are pretty pumped to be a part of FANTASTIC FEST. Gregg and I met one of the guy who runs it, Tim League, a few years back when we were in Austin visiting with the lovely Janet Pierson and her husband, John. Tim is a cool guy, about the same age as us, so we ended up talking a lot about STAR WARS and geek stuff like that over dinner. Tim loved the film and invited us and we thought FF was the perfect fit for us and the film. So there you have it. Planning some events around the film and a party for sure. It's going to be a real hoot. Karcher is working on a new website with a higher-res version of the trailer and lots of other goodies. That should be up in a few weeks. Exciting stuff, my friends! Peace from Urbana. -ed
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